Grands vins
de Bourgogne
Our Work
Our red wine-making: in general, 80 to 100% de-stemming; under the de-stemmer the berries and the juice are collected in plastic boxes which will be one by one carried and poured out into the cement tanks; cold maceration 4 to 6 days; then alcoholic fermentation with the wild yeast; gentle punching of the cap, pumping over; handling of the material with great care and respect.

Then draw off the wine from tank to barrels. 

Our white wine-making: depending of the condition of the grapes, so crushing or not; slow pressing, racking, alcoholic fermentation into barrels, stirring of the lees in the barrels depending of the vintage. 
The intensity of the use of new barrels is variable according to the appellation and the vintage.
The ageing in barrels: in general, 10 to 12 months both for the whites and for the reds. Next blending in stainless steel tanks during 2 to 3 months, until the bottling.  
Annual production: about 35 000 bottles, depending of how much Mother Nature will accord to the vintage.