Grands vins
de Bourgogne
Our Work
Within our work, a notion is close to our heart: 
The notion of the respect of our soils, and consequently the wines;  

from the perspective to highlight the typicity of our terroirs. 
The domaine Pavelot is in progress for certification to the label "Agriculture Biologique" (Organization certifying ECOCERT, 2009 will be the first vintage certified AB)
 In our work, we make it a matter of principle to respect the soils and consequently the wines, with the principal aim of showing to advantage the typicity of our “terroir”.So we work in the respect of the quality with traditional method as far as it is possible.  

For example one of our major objective is to respect the health of our soils in opting for the labour of the ground which means by no utilization of herbicide, from which the ploughing of our vineyard; sometimes we leave the weeds growing freely in the vineyard. We manure with organic compost made locally.  
The protection of our vineyard is carefully thought-out; we use only substances made from mineral and plant world, and biotechnique against ravagers.